Once Upon a Time In Athens: The Legend of The Riot Dog

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and in this case, Loukanikos the Athenian stray has become the best pal of Greek protesters, and now a darling of the world’s media.

A stray dog who has seemingly taken the side of protesters in Athens has become the unlikely mascot of the riots rocking the capital, Athens.


Amid the carnage on the streets and the despair at the country’s dire – and worsening – economic situation, endearing images of Loukanikos (“Sausage”) have become a worldwide hit.

Loukanikos has a dedicated following on Twitter and even has his own Facebook page, while the international media is covering his every move.

The star canine seems totally unfazed by the rocks, water canons and tear gas regularly aimed at those demonstrating in the Greek streets – and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself while showing solidarity with the protesters.

Internet source: http://www.france24.com/en/20110617-stray-dog-becomes-star-mascot-greek-riots-loukanikos-athens-media-protesters

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